Sichuan Mapo Doufu with Potsticker Dumplings and Smashed Cucumber

Sichuan Mapo Doufu with Potsticker Dumplings and Smashed Cucumber🥟

If you’ve ed me for a while now, you’ll have already heard me praise the_spicery and I’m about to again!!

We’re subscribed to a World Kitchen Explorer kit so each month they send us all of the spices and recipes we need to make a meal from a different cuisine.

We LOVE it – it gives you recipes you’d never even think to make at home as well as introducing you to the tastes of different countries that you’ve never tried before.

So far we’ve had meals from Ethiopia, Trinidad and Hungary🌎

This month’s meal was this Chinese Mapo Doufu, a pork mince and tofu in a oily, red, spicy sauce along with Potsticker Dumplings which were also filled with Pork.

To accompany these, we had smashed cucumber, composed soy and chilli oil.

The flavours were 10/10 and I’ll definitely be making the dumplings again because they were so much easier than I thought they’d be 🙌🏼

What’s your favourite world cuisine?🥢

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