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NHL Draft, 2021-22 Season Start Date Updates While the Blackhawks were staging a ridiculous comeback on Wednesday , there was other news for the NHL. There’s a tentative date set for next season, which is great news for hockey fans. Adrian Dater: Have been hearing some whispers that Nashville Predators head coach John Hynes could be trouble as he … Bleacher Report - While the NHL regular season isn't quite finished, the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs have already begun. The lapsed fan's guide to the 2021 NHL playoffs: Top storylines, Stanley Cup favorites, series watchability rankings October 12th is when the NHL is planning on starting the 2021-22 season. Here are the reported dates for the upcoming 2021 NHL season, though several are expected to get pushed back. A start date for the 2021-22 NHL season? Among the topics discussed by Hamilton and Rintoul were the WHL BC Division and the challenges in getting the hub season off the ground. New, 39 comments. Which is about a week later than normal. General managers met virtually Wednesday to discuss a variety of topics pertaining to this season and the 2021-22 NHL season. According to NHL Insider, Pierre LeBrun we now have dates for the trade deadline, end of the regular season, the expansion draft, NHL draft, and free agency for 2021. During the opening statement of the first round of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, league commissioner Gary Bettman officially announced the the NHL is pursuing a January 1, 2021 return date for the NHL’s 2020-21 season. The main topic of interest for fans across the WHL though was something said by Hamilton following a short discussion about how the NHL is preparing for their upcoming 2021-22 season. Visit ESPN to view the 2020-21 NHL Standings. NHL Free Agency: October 9. When do the 2021 NHL playoffs start? While the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks will play their regular-season series into Wednesday, the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins kicked off the postseason on Saturday. Upcoming 2021 NHL calendar. The Athletic’s Pierre LeBruin reported that the NHL announced its target date for the 2021-22 season during a call with general managers on Tuesday. So, to recap: Puck drop: Jan. 13 When Does the 2021 NHL Season Start? The NHLPA still needs to approve these dates. Today's 2021 NHL national TV Schedule provides a full TV listing guide with dates, times and TV channels. Written in pencil for now, and subject to change. The earliest reporting date is December 31, for the seven teams that did not play in the Canada bubble this summer. Other NHL … Watch NHL hockey games on NBC, NBCSN, NHL Network. Nick Alberga: Have been hearing that the NHL could be looking at Wednesday, October 13th start date for the 2021-22 NHL Season.. This means that we should be seeing a return to normal scheduling since this is about a week off from the usual early October start dates. As the 2021 NHL regular season winds down, the 2021-22 campaign is beginning to take shape. All dates for the upcoming league events are subject to change. As the 2021 NHL regular season winds down, the 2021-22 campaign is beginning to take shape. As per Toronto Maple Leafs radio host Nick Alberga, the NHL is targeting a start date of Wednesday, October 13 for the 2021-22 season. The NHL has seen its share of bumps this season, which was shortened to 56 games because of the coronavirus pandemic. The 2021 season is set to begin on Jan. 13. According to TSN and RDS hockey insider Pierre LeBrun, the tentative date for the start of the 2021-22 season is currently set for Oct. 12, with training camps hopefully able to open Sept. 22: The NHL is one step closer to playing hockey in 11 months of the 2021 calendar year. NHL targeting Jan. 1 start date for 2021 season AP Nov 11, 2020 at 12:32p ET share url email fbmsngr whatsapp sms Report: NHL 'hopeful' 2021-22 season could start October 12 originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea. Training camp starts on: January 3, 2021 NHL 2021 season starts on: January 13, 2021 The NHL for the first time shared on the general managers’ call Wednesday its hopeful target date to start the 2021-22 season next fall: Oct. 12. All … Key dates for 2020-21 NHL season: from a Jan. 13 start, to the 2021 Stanley Cup being awarded by July 15, and much more, via various reports. In fact, Tuesday came with the league’s revised schedule of critical dates of note for the 2021 season and offseason. The NHL and NHL Players Association reached an agreement for starting the 2021 season, and on Tuesday, the parties unveiled a calendar of key dates. The abbreviated 56-game NHL schedule is still going on, but the league announced dates (along with some times and television) for the best-of-seven postseason series. The Playoff Schedule page provides a status of each playoff series including past scores, future game dates, and probabilities of game and series outcomes. Rounds 2-7 of the NHL Draft are scheduled to take place the next day on Saturday, July 24. NHL Draft NHL Draft Lottery 2021: Date, Odds and Latest Regular-Season Standings Jake Rill Featured Columnist I May 16, 2021 Comments Of course, given the uncertainties of the pandemic, this could be subject to change depending on what the upcoming months look like. NHL Playoffs FAQ? NHL Draft: October 6-7, 2020. NHL tentative start date and more news from today. Four days later, the NHL is expected to officially kick off the 2021-22 season with the opening of the new league year, as well as the official start of NHL Free Agency. 2021 NHL Playoff Schedule. By KatyaKnappe Dec 20, 2020, 10:39am EST Share this story. Key Dates for the Proposed 2021 NHL Season. What NHL hockey games to watch on tv today, tonight, and tomorrow? The NHL and NHLPA are continuing talks regarding the 2020-21 season. On Sunday, the league announced it will play a 56-game regular season starting Jan. 13, 2021. October 12th is when the NHL is planning on starting the 2021-22 season. NHL (NHLI) There’s a tentative date set for next season, which is great news for hockey fans. The NHL is back! Official update: The NHL and NHLPA announced an agreement to get the 2021 regular season started on January 13.The regular season will be 56 games in length and realignment will include an all-Canada division.. On Dec. 20, the NHL and NHL Players' Association reached an agreement regarding the 2021 NHL season. The NHL told its general managers Wednesday that it is planning to open the 2021-22 season on Oct. 12, with training … The playoffs starts TBD days … This means that we should be seeing a return to normal scheduling since this is about a week off from the usual early October start dates. * May 19 – Last Day of the Regular Season * July 9 – Last Possibly Day of the Stanley Cup Final July 17 – Expansion Draft Protected Lists Due 5:00 PM EST July 21 – Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft July 23 – NHL Draft Round One July 24 – NHL Draft Rounds Two-Seven July 28 – NHL Free Agency Opens 12:00 EST The NHL has more than a start date in mind for their 2021 season. NHL Winter Classic: January 1, 2021 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minn. (Wild vs. Blues) - CANCELED The playoffs will feature 16 teams in the traditional best-of-seven, four-round format and conclude around … The 2021-22 NHL season reportedly will begin Oct. 12 and training camps will open Sept. 22. The NHL is hoping to drop the puck on the regular season on October 12 which is … The NHL regular season ends Wednesday May 19, 2021. And it turns out we won’t have to wait long to hear the sound of blades back on NHL-quality sheets. According to Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic , the NHL shared on the general managers’ call Wednesday that the League hopes to start the 2021-22 regular season … Hot seat for Hynes? Per TSN's Pierre LeBrun, the league's general managers had a call on Wednesday to discuss next season's start date, and the hopeful opener would take place about a week later than usual. A new NHL season is on the way.

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