Courgette, Potato, Lentil Curry This is one of the tastiest curries I’ve made

🥒Courgette, Potato, Lentil Curry 🥔

This is one of the tastiest curries I’ve made at home and was the biggest clear the fridge out meal. Lots of veg on the edge of becoming slimy.

Love the fact you can always manage to make a tasty curry even with the bare minimum left in the cupboards.

As with a lot of my meals, it was very much a shove it all in and hope for the best effort but this one deffo paid off!

Here’s how I did it:

So I started out with oil in a pan with my onion and garlic for around 5 mins til the onion is beginning to soften.

Then in a separate sauce pan, I par boiled my potatoes

Then I started adding the spices – popped in 2 dried chillies, cardamom pods, cloves and cooked them til they were fragrant. Then I grated in ginger and fresh turmeric.

Then I added the veg, along with some homegrown tomatoes from last year that I defrosted. I added a balti paste, as well as garam masala, ground coriander, paprika and cayenne pepper.

Then I added me potatoes with around 300ml of vegetable stock, chopped tomatoes and the red lentils and left to bubble for around 8 mins. To finish it off, I popped in some spinach and cooked for a further 2 minutes.

I served with some coriander and mango chutney on top 😋

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